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THE LAUNCH!! When you just want to go wild…

It has been a journey up to now but we here we are, finally ready to LAUNCH! So a huge hello to our family, friends, future customers and all those who have helped us on our way up! There have been so many of you and we’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to bring you our new party shirts from Will Henry London. It has not been easy, there have been many challenges, but we all know that things worth doing are rarely without their hiccups!

All those we have met on our journey have a huge amount of talent within the industry (many from outside the industry too) and all those have acted as mentors, when one has a vision it takes so many others to bring that vision to life – and this is just the beginning!!

We want our clothing to epitomise what life should really be about…. having fun, being bold and cutting loose with the people we love most. Will Henry urges you to be bold and follow your passion so take a chance and make that journey because you never know – it could be the best thing you ever do…

Will Henry London was founded by William Barnard (middle name Henry!!) in November 2017, he’s a man with a keen eye for style, print art and travel as well as the love for a good party! So we at Will Henry London aim to provide the world with something to wear in those moments in life where you just want to Cut Loose, Be Bold and Go Wild!

Summer 2018 will be packed full of opportunities to do just that, with summer holidays, summer parties, beach parties, BBQ’s, festivals and many other events crying out for the kind of attire that is befitting of a party and will certainly get you noticed!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Wayfarer articles as well as following us on Instagram and Facebook – We very much look forward to you joining the party and coming on the journey with us…CUT LOOSE!!

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