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Fortune favours the bold…

A lot can happen in a year…. It’s funny how life’s events can really change one’s view of the world and what part you want to play in it. Will Henry London has been shaped and inspired by a number of events both happy and sad over the last few years. A number of years ago, life appeared pretty perfect, I had a career in the bustling media industry moving on an upward trajectory, I had friends, family and people I loved all around me…everything seemed pretty rosy but after some tragic family events in 2012 things changed.

After gathering my thoughts I felt inspired more than ever to start something of my own. I had always been blown away by the feeling of escape one can experience by taking time out from the working world through short getaway weekends, stag parties, holidays with friends or solo travel. In part, I enjoyed the opportunity to really cut loose from the working world and immerse myself in the joys of escaping to various parts of the world with friends & loved ones. The original inspiration for WH came from various trips to meccas for party enthusiasts across the world such as Dubai, Vegas, Ibiza or the south of France as well as the festival scene and even friends with a gift for throwing the perfect party. Here, I became a huge fan of block colours, print design and patterns you would see on the shorts & shirts of people on beaches, in bars,at clubs, pool parties as well as eye-catching festival fashion, the appetite for colour everywhere was insatiable!

Then, having wrestled with the idea for some time, just over a year ago…I decided to quit my career in media and I embarked on a solo travel trip of a far less hedonistic nature to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The memories I have from those experiences are ones of colour, vibrancy and joy bought about by the bonds formed with those amazing people you meet on the journey itself or the stunning landscapes we are lucky enough to immerse ourselves in along the way. Free moments were spent thinking about what I would set my sights on upon return, ideas flowed and by the time I returned home, the way was clear for a new challenge and Will Henry London was formed in November 2017.

Since then Will Henry London has evolved rapidly and with the help of some amazing friends and people who have mentored and guided me, in no time I was working with industry renowned print designers, fashion designers, fashion agents, branding experts, web developers and suppliers out in India. Despite having no experience in the field of fashion, to me, it seemed to make perfect sense to throw myself fully into this next challenge and never look back…so I did! So we urge you to do the same, take your chance…it could be the best thing you ever do!

Will Henry London was born out of good times, a passion for colour, travel and a hell of a party. We aim to inspire those who are willing toroll up their sleeves, cut loose and wear it bold with the perfect party shirt! If you’re looking for the ultimate party shirt (party shirts for men or women that is, everyone is welcome here!) for your next escape then look no further. The journey continues…

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